ISBN: 978-0-9558918-8-5

Genlisea virselisAndreas Fleischmann’s long awaited Monograph of the Genus Genlisea is nearly complete. It has taken considerably longer to produce than expected, partly because five spectacular new Genlisea species have been described (G. exhibitionista, G. flexuosa, G. metallica, G. nebulicola, G. oligophylla), and two more new species have been identified (one from Brazil and one from Africa) and will be documented in this book.

This monograph treats all 31 known species of Genlisea in unique detail, including information on morphology, ecology, habitat and conservation status. All are illustrated by a full-page botanical line drawing, a distribution map, and several colour images of the plants taken in their natural habitat, as well as microscope photographs and scanning electron micrographs of micro-anatomical details of the plants’ traps, seeds and pollen. The systematic relationships and phylogenetic evolution of the Genlisea species are also highlighted, and the infrageneric classification of the genus, as well as a detailed morphological key for easy identification of both live plants and herbarium specimens complete the taxonomy part of this work.

Further chapters cover the unique natural habitats of Genlisea (inselbergs, perennial and seasonal swamps, quartzitic sand plains) in Africa and the Neotropics, as well as their distribution and evolutionary history. A comprehensive section on Genlisea ecology discusses prey spectrum, prey attraction, and carnivory, as well as flower ecology and pollination. A concluding chapter about cultivation gives valuable information on germination, growth and propagation of Genlisea to horticulturalists, and anyone interested in growing these fascinating plants. The book further contains a comprehensive bibliography of literature dealing with Genlisea biology.

Attached are a few of the images that feature in this exceptionally high quality book (a few examples of Genlisea plants in their habitats, a botanical line drawing, and the distribution of the genus).

Species covered in the monograph comprise:

G. africana
G. angolensis
G. aurea
G. barthlottii
genlisea 2G. exhibitionista
G. filiformis
G. flexuosa
G. glabra
G. glandulossisima
G. guianensis
G. hispidula
G. lobata
G. margaretae
G. metallica
G. minor
G. nebulicola
G. nigrocaulis
G. oligophylla
G. oxycentron
G. pallida
G. pulchella
G. pygmaea
G. repens
G. roraimensis
G. sanariapoana
G. stapfii
G. subglabra
G. subviridis
G. taylorii
G. uncinata
G. violacea

As well as a new species from Brazil and a new African species.

More pictures:

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