Vabzdžiaėdžiai augalai ir jų aplinka – Carnivorous plants and their habitats

Ieškomi įrašai pažymėti bromeliads

. Of the 2,400 species of bromeliads distributed across the world, at least 400 species are tank bromeliads. The tank bromeliads are distinguished in that they produce foliage that is arranged as a watertight leaf rosette adapted to collecting and storing rain and organic debris to provide a source of water and nutrients. In most […]

. The bromeliads are a diverse family of flowering plants that originate from mainly tropical and subtropical latitudes of the Americas and in the case of just one exceptional species, also Western Africa. Approximately 2,400 species of bromeliads belonging to 59 genera are currently recognized, which represents a spectacular diversity of plants, including terrestrial, epiphytic […]