I have organised a truly special expedition for 2014 called the Heart of Borneo Expedition.

Here is the itinerary in case this is of interest (please see PDF), plus images showing some of the highlights.

I have specifically designed this expedition to take you to the best wildlife locations in Borneo so you see Orangutans, Proboscis monkeys, amazing water falls, the pinnacles and caves of Mulu, as well as a pleathora of orchids and pitcher plants (tree-hugging, climbing Nepenthes veitchii, as well as N. ampullariaN. bicalcarataN. faizalianaN. hirsutaN. lowiiN. muluensis, N. reinwardtianaN. stenophylla and N. tentaculata)

It is a truly wonderful 16 day adventure. I have tentatively worked on the dates of June 25th – July 10th enabling you to then travel down to Australia to go to the International Carnivorous Plant Society conference, if you so wish. However, the dates can be adjusted to fit the group’s collective needs.

Well, please do let me know if this is of interest and if you would like to come, or would like further information.

Stewart McPherson