Redfern has raised a further $1,000 for conservation of carnivorous plants through book sales through our website. Thank you for purchasing the books that we produce. Four Nepenthes rigidifolia plants have been bought for the Ark of Life collection. Nepenthes rigidifolia is practically extinct in the wild, yet absolutely nothing is being done to conserve the species (it is not even recognised by CITES). The Ark of Life collection ensures that enough genetic diversity is permanently preserved for the future to ensure that future reintroduction efforts are possible.

Unfortunately, whilst I was in Antarctica over February and March, the Ark of Life website was hacked and damaged by “malicious code”. I am paying for a new website to be put online as soon as possible.

Ark of Life

Any purchases you make through directly support this conservation cause.

Wishing you all a very nice weekend,

Kind regards,
Stewart McPherson
Redfern Natural History Productions